Waste is the element that unites the stories of unfinished public works in Calabria. The cases are many, dozens, and concern structures ever terminated or already completed but abandoned without being used.

Looking at the individual case histories are really unique, like the marina of Amantea, on the Tyrrhenian coast: the structure is opened and immediately brings a large traffic of pleasure craft. An asset for local tourism then, until after a few months, the first storm causes a cover-up of the entrance to the sea. The project was wrong, the mouth should be directed otherwise because of the currents and nature from the coast and now there is nothing left to do, the port is unusable. Experts say that just looking at him from the street to understand that this would have happened.

Another story is emblematic of the dam on the Upper Esaro, a river flowing between the mountains of the Pollino National Park, in the province of Cosenza.

For a design error here, there is a collapse of the cliff on which he had to lean the concrete barrier of the structure. It makes you think that it is fortunate that this happened during the construction work and not to work over, perhaps with the reservoir full of water. In Calabria, this is called "the barrage of scandals" as from "Tangentopoli" have occurred several investigations and trials that have reported links of corruption and malfeasance rooted among local administrators and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, since 1982, the year of the work contract, it is still unclear if anyone's work is never really finished.

The chapter of the dams unfinished Calabria also includes other cases, roughly fifteen, highlighted another case, that of the dam on the Mint, a giant concrete block in the middle of Park of Aspromonte. Work began in 1985 and since then they go on interrupting and sharing time. Environmental groups complain that the work is illegal, given the legislation of protected areas where the area is prone, and devastating for the balance of the Park, since it is located right in the center, and that the waters intercepted by ' invaded by the main and canalization on surrounding streams will cause a distortion of the ecosystem. The city of Reggio Calabria and the farmers of the province are waiting for twenty-five years, the water flow that will generate the dam for water supply, irrigation and electricity but there are many who wonder where will all this water view the nature and extent of the rivers in question.

Chapter can be changed by taking a look at the health front, we find hospitals completed that have never even been opened. And 'the case of Gerace, where there is a hospital finished for ten years and never opened. It must become a center of geriatric care. Or the hospital in Girifalco, Catanzaro, a very large property that could cure thousands of patients but is now abandoned. In the initial project it was supposed to be a Regional Center of Oncology, and the intended use was changed to Integrated Centre for Science, in practice it was used only for a short period after the entry into force of Law 180 on the closure of psychiatric facilities when patients housed in the old city structure were to be transferred for the period necessary to the restructuring of the premises.

But going around the Calabria is a bit 'of everything, then there are ways never completed, as the ring roads of Roccella Ionica or Vibo Valentia, two of the many that are virtually finished and require only the connections to the existing road network . E. between the unusual stories are highlighted as such sports centers that are closed by local officials after being opened because the costs are too high, and here we are in Rossano, or positioned in places unthinkable because, as in Mandatoriccio, where the new sports athletics is built on the flood of the river city. The first full course, the river floods the structure and the authorities declared uninhabitable, closing it. Work on the construction of a retaining wall of water would be too expensive and so city kids if they want to train with their local football team or doing some other sport must continue to move to other towns in the province, as they have always done .


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