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I was born in 1975 in Lodi, a small city in northern Italy.

I am a journalist and since the year 2000 my work is represented by agency Contrasto. Since then I've developed wide productions focused on environment issues in Italy and abroad, energy, education.

I followed the last three years of Pontificate of John Paul II, accredited in Vatican.




Italy, Venice - 9th International Architecture Exhibition.

The reportage about the construction of new lines for Italian High Speed Trains is exposted at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia.



Italy, Milan - “Italia, un’Emozione Verde”

The Collective exhibition “Italia, un’Emozione Verde” (Italy, a green emotion,) was produced by the monthy magazine GEO ITALIA AND in collaboration with Legambiente Italia and staged by FORMA – Centro Internazionale di Fotografia di Milano, on the subject of green economy, having a look toa selection of the very best projects of sustainable development in Italy.



Montpellier, France - “PHOTOJOURNALISME

ITALIEN - Soixante ans d’histoire de l’Italie, 1945-2005”

Collective exhibition.



Italy, Modena - "Lavoro. Fondato sui diritti"

Collective exhibition "Lavoro. Fondato sui diritti" (Work, based on  rights) on the themes of work, sustainable development, unemployment and Made in Italy, staged on the Festival Provinciale del PD.




Collective exhibition "Altri mari. Visioni d'autore sulla rotta di Hemingway" (Other seas. Autor's visions on the Hemingway route) about the travels of the writer Ernest Hemingway, staged inside the "Parco Heminwgway".



books and other projects


Book “36 ore in 100 città" (edited by Contrasto Extra and BNL, Italy)

A book to tell the events organized by the workers of BNL bank for Telethon across Italy during the 36 hours of Telethon 2004, realized in collaboration with other collegues of Contrasto Agency.



Book Sguardi su una grande opera (edited by Electa, Italy)

An extract form the work on the construction of the new Italian lines for High Speed trains was published in the book“Sguardi su una grande opera” (Glances on a great work) among the reportages of Koudelka, Pierantoni, Hahn and Ragazzini.



Book Blue Planet Run (edited by Earth Aware, California)

A photograph of the reportage about the GAP project in Turkey was published on the book Blue Planet Run, issued in relation of the run organized with 21 international runners across 16 countries, covering 15,200 miles, to focus on the problem of access to safe water for populations.



Lectio Magistralis at Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria,

Dipartimento di Arte, Scienza e Tecnica del Costruire, during the 7th LIDA (Laboratorio Internazionale d’Architettura).

The intervention was on the theme of the mutation of the Italian landscape, focusing on several stories produced for a wide phojournalistic investigation on environmental emergency in Italy.



Member of the Jury in photo contest "Photoforchange in europe - sustainable living in changing economy", organized by Regional Development Agency of Marche Region and the  City_SEC european consortium



"The Other Hundred" contest

The reportage about the Dongria Kondhs tribe fighting agaist then contruction of the bauxite mine in their holy land is choosed as one the 100 winner stories for the contest "The Other Hundred", The aim of the contest was to highlight the stories of people around the world who are not rich but who deserve to be celebrated.

A book was published and exibitions with the winning 100 stories were exhibited at both Pacific Place and Asia Society in Hong Kong, New York, Berlin, Beijing, Singapore, and the UAE in 2014.



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